Time to support the owners of CCS and what they are adding to our area

There is a positive side to the Cawston cold storage facility

To the Editor:

It is unfortunate the opponents of the new CCS facility don’t look at the positive side of this issue and see the advantages. Extra dollars added to our tax roll, additional employment opportunities, hence more money in the community.

As for being on ALR, it is after all for agricultural products and it is not as if this is the only agricultural land. Look at all the vacant land along the highway and other areas that is not being utilized.

Having gone through the process with ALC a few years ago, there is criteria that has to be followed and this commission makes the final decision.

For anyone that thinks an OCP could or would have stopped the CCS facility approval please take time to read the Agricultural Land Commission Act, readily available on the internet, that Act takes precedent over an OCP, local By-Laws, etc.

Having also lived where there is an OCP and where there isn’t one, please believe me when I say an OCP does not solve all your concerns and complaints and we are better off without one.


Alyce Coggan, Cawston