Telus praised for Hedley cell tower

Hedley resident disagrees with director's stance on Telus behaviour

To the Editor:

I was deeply disappointed to see and hear Director Wood’s and Director Tom Siddon’s criticism of Telus as she reluctantly accepted, that cell phone service will be coming to the people of Hedley.

Instead of criticising Telus she should be thanking them on behalf of our entire town. Let’s not forget that the majority of residents in our town have wanted this service for a very very long time.

Due to the small population of our town, Telus is making an investment here that they may never recover.

It’s a gift and we should be grateful to them (Telus) and to the person/persons who made this possible. On behalf of the pro cell phone user and Hedley, thank you Telus for your support, to help bring cell service to Hedley!

Don Armstrong, Hedley