Stockwell Day, Enforcer for Hire

Day evidently forgets how new parties get started. It was not long ago he himself led a new party called The Canadian Alliance.

To the Editoir:

Stockwell Day, Enforcer for Hire

Former Conservative MP Stockwell Day is trying to convince British Columbians that a vote for one of John Cummins’ candidates is a vote for the New Democrats. He claims voting Conservative on May 14 will split the free enterprise vote.

Day evidently forgets how new parties get started. It was not so long ago when he himself led a new free enterprise party called The Canadian Alliance. And doesn’t Day recall that his former boss, Prime Minister Harper, opposed Gordon Campbell’s piece of legacy legislation, the carbon tax, from the moment it was announced?

Clearly, voting for the B.C. Liberals is what will split the free enterprise coalition in this province.

B.C. Liberals have drifted so far to the left it’s not even funny anymore. Between hitting us with the only carbon tax in North America, putting us at a huge competitive disadvantage with all neighbouring provinces and states, and then hitting us with continuous rate hikes and two-tiered billing on the use of our electricity, Christy Clark is proving she’s more than willing to beat the NDP to the punch when it comes to hitting families, farmers and small businesses right in the gut!

What exactly makes Day think any of this qualifies as free enterprise? Does he believe taking more money out of the hands of British Columbians to pay for one of the largest and most-overpaid public-service sectors in Canada will help the economy? The opposite was the case back when Day was Finance Minister in Alberta. Why don’t we deserve the same sound fiscal management as Albertans?

The worst part was the location where Day made his announcement; right here in the Boundary Similkameen where Christy Clark fired sitting member John Slater for unexplained reasons. No one is perfect; we all have shortcomings. But for Clark to turn on one of her own, and then pick his successor without letting the membership in this riding have any say, is all the evidence voters need to see that nothing outside the Lower Mainland really matters to Clark.

Had Slater not been fired, the perpetually cheery Stockwell Day would’ve given the exact-same speech. And the amazing part is he won’t see any irony in that. You see, he’s working for Christy Clark, not you and me.

Meet the new Stockwell Day folks. Former Conservative cabinet minister, newly minted Liberal enforcer, and master of reading a prepared statement no matter what happens in the real world. This is what happens when a politician retires in his fifties with two pensions and loses touch with voters.

Mischa Popoff is running for the BC Conservatives in the riding of Boundary Similkameen.

Mischa Popoff, B.A. (Hons.)

Candidate for Boundary-Smilkameen, Osoyoos