Still A Need for Accountability and Responsiveness from Keremeos Mayor & Village Council

Keremeos resident continues to seek accountability, response from elected officials


To the Editor:

I first brought forward my view on the need for  more accountability and responsiveness to voters/taxpayers in a previous editorial a few weeks ago. To update this request, I still have yet to hear from Mayor Bauer.

It appears that Mr. Bauer has no intention of responding to my previous inquiry. More recently, I requested information on which council members attended the recent UBCM convention in Vancouver, the provincial municipalities meeting. I learned Mayor Bauer and Councilman Gary Thielmann attended at a total cost to taxpayers of $5,148.35.

I contacted the village office to request a copy of  written reports that I expected would be submitted by both to council on their participation at the UBCM- the sessions attended and the implication of these topics for the Village of Keremeos.

I was advised by the CAO that no such written reports are required and that only oral reports are presented. When I  further asked to be directed to the minutes of the meeting where these oral reports were recorded, I received no response. Therefore, I question the value of sending even one representative to this conference, let alone two representatives when there is virtually no accountability to justify participation. This, in my opinion, is a misuse of public funds. We as citizens/taxpayers/voters deserve better accountability and certainly better responsiveness when an enquiry is made about such an important and costly event such as the UCBM.

Both Mayor Bauer and Mr. Thielmann have access to my e-mail address  and could  choose to provide me with the information I am looking for regarding their participation at the recent UCBM. Mayor Bauer could also use this opportunity to contact me regarding my previous questions.


Gary Johnson, Keremeos