Some book donations for the library are unsuitable

Some books not suitable for donation to Keremeos library

To the Editor:

For some time now, the Keremeos Library has been receiving donated books to sell at our “Friends of the Library” annual booksale.

The library also has an ongoing sale all year long in the branch, of donated materials or books taken out of the library system.  Recently, people have been dropping off donated books after hours at the door, and in the bookdrop, which is designated for ORL books only.   In a number of cases, these donations are not suitable for re-sale due to water damage, mould or poor condition.  On occasion, boxes or bags of donated books have included dead insects and cobwebs.  Also, when books other than ORL materials are in the daily bookdrop (with no note attached) staff are not sure whether the book was deposited in error, or was intended as a donation.

The library appreciates donations, provided they are in top condition and suitable for re-sale.  If you are considering donating, please call the library at 250-499-2313 prior to drop-off to discuss materials with library staff.  All monies go to the “Friends of the Library” to purchase furniture for the library, or to provide special children’s programs.

A big thank you to all in the community who have helped us with good quality donated materials in the past.  Our book sales have been a success because of you!

Debra Holley, Community Librarian,


Keremeos Branch, ORL