Senate appointments aren’t right

To the Editor:

After a few days of what felt like mourning after the election I was trying to convince myself that maybe it won’t be as bad as I imagined but the first thing Stephen Harper did confirmed that it will be every bit as bad as I imagined and possibly worse.  I’ve sent the following letter to Prime Minister Harper.

An open letter to Prime Minister Steven Harper


I am writing to express my deep indignation at your latest Senate appointments.  Two of these people quit the Senate to run for office.  All three of the newly appointed senators LOST the election.  This puts a big question on your stance of having an elected senate when it doesn’t matter whether they win or lose an election.  The people did not want them as MPs but they’re getting them as senators.

I am adding my voice to the call to abolish the senate.

Donna Stocker, Cawston