Seeing what’s deep inside

Free, no-strings, no dogma, direct experience meditation classes begin in Keremeos Sunday morning May 19

To the Editor:

Dear valley neighbors:

I know.  It snowed on us again just last week.  Full-blown spring comes late here in our valley.

But there are signs.  Before their fullness the trees have a light in their eyes – the packed, swelling buds, the tiniest leaves, like baby exclamation points.  Rough, bare vines appearing to be dead during winter also now begin their first barely noticeable spots of green.  And the blossoms! The crazy, audacious blossoms, heralding new life and growth even before we can hardly believe it, not worried that the still cold winds will blow them off their limbs. They know. There’s life deep inside.  The birds seem to take note before we do. They can’t stop talking about it:  Deep down life force, just wanting to declare and bare its fruits. “So don’t despair”, they sing. “Have patience. It happens.  It’s happening. You can see it if you look carefully.  Open your eyes. Have faith”, they sing.

Just so, I believe, with us. Crusty, cold humanity, sometimes deadly.  Yet deep  down inside pulsating with potentially explosive amazing life force. Always there, always ready, ready and waiting, rooted below even the least likely-looking stump. To break open, to blossom, to reach skyward, to attain individuality and courage and creativity, and yes – even unconditional happiness, we don’t have to do some outlandish thing. Just let the beauty of life spirit deep within come out.

That’s what meditation is about:  Seeing the invisible, hearing the silence, knowing the truth that dwells inside each of us and surrounds us too. Waiting for us, like trees, to bear its fruit. Benevolent, beloved life force and source and sustainer. Meditating helps us look within and find It – always here, always now. How wonderful!   Free, no-strings, no dogma, direct experience meditation classes begin in Keremeos Sunday morning May 19, and continue for six Tuesday evenings beginning May 21.  If you’d like, contact me for more information – – or call Marlene at 499-4822 and leave a message.  I’ll call you back. Let’s do it together.


Warm Regards, Ron Shonk   M.Div,M.Ed.,Olalla