Resistance to national park is undiminished

After eight years of trying to force a national park on us. The resistance is stronger than ever

To the Editor:

After eight years of trying to force a national park on us. The resistance is stronger than ever. Eight years ago when the topic first came up, at the first community meeting we had a vote as to who was in favour and who was against the park. There were 20 people in attendance. The vote was 18 against and two for the park.

That’s a nine to one ratio against the park. Since then nothing has changed in our atitudes. We do not want a park. Government has still not given up. The exact area, size or make up of the park in unknown. How much will it cost? With a park comes costs; policing, fencing, administration and up keep. The area is used by all of us now. For no cost. If it becomes a park Parks Canada now takes reservations for camp sites. Local will not have a chance because the sites will all be reserved.

It is also one of the most mineralized zones in B.C., with over 400 mines. If it is made into a park, all the natural resources will be lost.

A national park does not just affect the park land, but all the communities around the park. Did you know that one of three federal fugitives hide in national parks to elude capture.

The so called feasibility study took so long to complete that it is now out of date and irrelevant. As long as you take the wishes of many, against the few who are trying to force the park on us .

There will be no park. I see hundreds of “No park” signs  around the area. It’s the only way we can fight back. It is time the government stopped the presses and quit wasting our tax dollars.

The people have spoken – we will not be silenced. Our message is “No national park.”

We like our way of life. Our small town existence and our freedom to come and go. That is what we are fighting for.

We have the right to say “no.”

– Pat Sanderson, Cawston