Resident justifies outlook on state of the world

Hello Joe: I didn’t have to guess which Tom you were agonizing about, so I hope I can clue you in as to what I believe in.

To the Editor:

Hello Joe: I didn’t have to guess which Tom you were agonizing about, so I hope I can clue you in as to what I believe in.

I have a new friend in Olalla that has rented next door since last summer.

My new friend has four children and he is the chief cook and bottle washer.

The property in question was in dire need of attention as the owners had been absent for some time

Well  Joe- this fellow and his four children have worked together and this property is starting to sparkle.

He is like me in  that he believes hygiene wasn’t a tall girl and neither was her cousin filthy – whom never heard of cleanliness.

I think you may agree that it costs little and some sweat to keep a small part of Gods creation reasonably clean.

No Joe- my attitude is alive and well but you must admit the same doesn’t apply to many countries where many people live in the fear of war 24/7.

Silly them for feeling low as war, famine and loss of family can be fun as I  have been there – done that – you just need a great attitude.

As far as Angelique Wood is concerned I have already apologized for supporting more of what we already had.

I have never heard from the lady and the falling out was the reason you are on about – it  adds up to a great difference of opinion.

I may as well dismiss M.P. Alex Atamanenko also, who has proven to be a man of broken words.

Joe,  I promise you this – as my new faith gets rolling – I shall never attend any meeting where Atamanenko or Wood are present.

I will adopt the old saying once again of “live and let live,” even if the let live are mooching on my dime and yours.

As far as joining a cause, I already belong to one that is very well known and where my attitude is very well accepted.

The U.S. President Barack Obama used the words “yes we can” and after his first four years as President the words have changed into “no we can’t” – a prime example of people not working together, eh?

We all know that some people will never change for the better as the saying “If there is a will – there is a way”  is only true for some people.

I give you a prime example, Joe – I quit smoking cold turkey about 15 years ago while working in a stressful place, where good people will never be living –  on the wrong side of “razor wire.”

And as far as looking past black clouds Joe – I suggest you pay more attention to the daily news to view a very dark future horizon looming closer than ever.

The black clouds  hover above the ones who don’t put their hands on deck and prefer a free tow through life at the expense of we  who did survive used our own sweat toward survival by a simple word called work, as faith never did my chores.

However, you write a nice letter Joe – but you don’t know me or I you – so maybe in 2013 we can take a leap toward each other but forget the faith part, as I have been there and done that to no avail.                                    Joe

Merry Christmas to you and yours

Tom – who