Resident fears that Keremeos pets may be poisoned

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

I would like to start by saying that my family and I have been living here for the past four years. We have come to love our home and town. However, on January 23 my seven year old daughter told me that her dog was not well. I checked him out and came to notice that he was foaming at the mouth and was becoming extremely bloated. He looked like he had swallowed an exercise ball.

We began to think he had been poisoned. A few days prior, I had caught a local person giving him a dog biscuit, and told him he was not to feed our dog. The person told me that it was not the first occasion in which he had offered food to our dog, and I find this act unusual.

I cannot express how upset we are, let alone my daughter.

The vet has indicated that the dog’s symptoms would indeed suggest poisoning, although we did not proceed with an autopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

I feel the community needs to know that there may be someone in the village that may have an inclination towards inhumane actions towards our pets, who are actually members of the familly.

I will be reporting the incident to the police and to the SPCA, and I sincerely hope this will not happen to anyone else in the community – and I will also be making it my duty to find out who did this to our pet, and making whoever that is live up to the consequences of their actions.

Catherine Poulin, Keremeos