Resident disappointed at incumbent’s lack of community involvement

Hedley resident concerned about lack of local involvment of incumbent director

To the Editor:

Last week’s all candidate meeting in Hedley was fairly decent, very well run, and now that I am aware of the strict format I would definitely have come better prepared. You may only ask a pointed question, with no introduction as to let the audience and other candidates know why the question is being asked. . It seems that this forum is more like a “Meet and Greet…The candidates get a few minutes to introduce themselves and let us know what all they have done and let us know all they will do if elected. I found it difficult to bring up my issues.

Mr. Christensen spoke of being community minded. I publicly supported Mr. Christensen three years ago and that may very well be the last time I saw him. We, (The Hedley Country Market) are neighbours to Mr. Christensen in Hedley and as RDOS director he has not once come and asked us how he could be of service to us, let alone buy anything from us or support any of the community events we put on.  He is not a supporter of any business in town that I am aware of. Community Club President for six plus years, his attempts to build the membership was, if not half hearted….  unsuccessful,  although he certainly was successful in his search for grants.  Woodlie Park is beautiful and yes, we now have a skating rink that received a $50,000 upgrade but instead of water to make ice with, there is a barren storage building with no water or power, a cement block building housing a single toilet and sink plus attached change area costing the taxpayers a combined sum of $90,000!

Maybe my feelings are hurt but these are the facts and this example of seemingly “careless public spending” is just that, an “example.” We should not think it is all right to spend “public” money just cause we can… and if you really want to be a part of your community, try spending some time there.

TJ Bratt, Hedley