Repeal of firearms bill was a promise made by government

Government made promise to repeal Bill C-68

To the Editor:

For once I would like some “straight” answers to my questions from our politicians. I have written the Prime Minister and received two automated replies of their arrival. This is in regards to the repealing of Bill C-68 as promised.

“Bill C-68 (The Firearms Act) has proven to be a bad law and has created a bureaucratic nightmare for both gun owners and the government. As leader of the official Opposition, I will use all powers afforded to me as leader and continue our party’s fight to repeal Bill C-68 and replace it with a firearms control system that is cost effective and respects the rights of Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly.” (Mr. Harper, January, 2002)

My questions to the Prime Minister and Minister Breitkreuz are these:

Did you make these promises? Yes or no? Are you men of your word?

Show me. There are no valid reasons for you to not keep your promises. There is one if you do not.

Automated replies do not answer the question and I expect to be answered in a clear straightforward answer! I, for one, do not like being “promised/lied” to from our leaders and I do not settle for the excuse, “oh well, that’s politics.” I expect you to keep your  word if you have any self respect. Do the right thing, take us back to the way it was before, with  C-68 as you promised!


Thank you, Chris Gilmore, Logan Lake