Reader expresses hope for political salvation in Area “G”

New candidate holds promise for good government in Area "G"

To the Editor:

“Everyday gets a little closer – going faster than a roller coaster” – change in area “G” is surely coming our way- eh- eh – eh!

Yes residents of Area “G”  the time is approaching fast to dispose of soiled political sheets by  eliminating  the incompetent Casper shadow by placing  your X  for the start  of a brand new brighter  future with  candidate Angelique Wood.

Angelique at the helm with residents agreeing on  priorities and direction could take  Area “G” to an acceptable  level for all without spoiling our chosen rural peaceful lifestyle.

The new star is shining more brightly as time marches on toward election day on November 19.

The star  (aka) Angelique Wood promises to communicate listen – learn and lead in the direction the Area “G” people’s compass  points to.

Three long years is a long time to rid an area of a political disease that puts the pine beetle to shame.

Angelique is a lady in waiting to be crowned director of Area “G” and needs your vote to make her dream and that of Area “G” residents come true.

Residents of Area “G”  please  get out and vote for Angelique Wood  and your eyes will open to  witness the awakening of a brand new dawn filled with trust- honesty – integrity – caring and the softness of a woman’s touch.

Tom Isherwood,  Olalla