Questions abound about Keremeos reservoir

Why wasn’t the AAP on borrowing money for a reservoir in 2010 (that was defeated) followed with a referendum in Keremeos?

To the Editor:


Why wasn’t the AAP on borrowing money for a reservoir in 2010 (that was defeated) followed with a referendum on borrowing money for the reservoir?

This would have been normal procedure. If the borrowing referendum was defeated at that time, (2010) the KID board could have started saving in 2010 for the reservoir.

Obviously, the intention was to ram it down our throats whether we wanted to build a reservoir or not, so why not start saving then?

What has been done since 2010 – has the KID infrastructure been upgraded to handle a new reservoir?  Has the emergency power problem to the pumps in times of prolonged power outages been addressed?

Why has the CAO, village council, and the mayor continued working diligently, as the present KID letter states, to retain the grant money, when the pubic went to the polls and said no, on borrowing money to build the reservoir

We were told the grant money was a one time offer. Apparently not.

The reasoning of the CAO, village council, mayor, and the KID board have is  absurd. They  think we want a reservoir built,  but don’t want to borrow the money to build it.

If we had voted yes, to borrow the money, the money going to be used to build a reservoir,right?

Daaa…  Get your heads out of your , er, the sand.

If village council  is not going to listen to the results of a referendum, why did we bother having one in the first place, costing the village taxpayers $5,000 dollars and  our time? If council is going by what the KID engineering study and the KID board want ,just a reminder, they did not elect you. The majority have spoken and will speak again, at election time.

Why was a friend of mine not allowed to address the CAO, village council, and the mayor with three questions at regular council meeting concerning the reservoir. He filled out the paper work needed to address council, but was denied the 10 minutes allotted to make his presentation.

He was denied, because these questions, apparently had already been discussed.

Over the last three years, this interested person has been a regular fixture at council meetings, but it is now  plain to see, why the village council has no participation from the public.

So much for openness and accountability.

Robert Hoising,     Keremeos