Put blame for failed HST tax where it belongs

Government to blame for HST mess, says reader

To the Editor

I was quite shocked the other day to hear a radio host giving his take on the recent defeat of the HST in BC. During his editorial he pondered on the likelihood that the opponents of the HST paying their share of the cost each British Columbian has to pay. I don’t think he was very fair and his editorial “smacked” of ill feelings toward Bill Vanderzalm. What puzzles me is why take “shots” at the Anti HST crowd when he should be asking the Liberal party to “foot the bill” for misleading the voters of British Columbia and then “forcing” HST on us in the first place. They brought this huge “cost” to BC not the voters! We just stood up and said “no more lying to us”. Remember when you point the finger there are at least three fingers pointing back at you!

It is not okay to lie to me!

Thank you,

Chris Gilmore, Logan Lake