Open letter to the mayor

Keremeos resident says council needs to be more responsive to public

To the Editor:

An open Letter to Mayor Bauer

Dear Mayor Bauer:

I am writing this open letter to you in hopes of motivating you to finally respond completely to questions I raised in previous correspondence dating back over a year.

Initially, when I wrote to you a year ago, you asked the CAO to respond. Her response did not answer most of my inquiries and you did not bother to follow up to see if I received a complete response.

More recently, I completed this years survey in some detail, again raising questions I have previously raised and offering suggestions to you and council in a number of different areas. (I actually raised 18 suggestions and received no response to any of them.)

Your response to my extensive and detailed input was very brief to say the least. You were mostly defensive of your performance til now as mayor without actually responding to my questions or suggestions.You indicated that you would be getting back to me but that was weeks ago and I have heard nothing.(You last indicated you would get back to me after August 12 but, to date, I have heard nothing from you.) You and council have been severely criticized for not being responsive to input from citizens.

This is a perfect example from you to verify that criticism. In a recent conversation with a colleague of yours on council, the comment was made by that council member that council does need to be more responsive to input from the citizens they have been elected to serve. You don’t seem to take this need to be responsive too seriously.

My comments to you in completing the survey in great detail reflect conversations I have had with many of my neighbours. Therefore, I feel that you not only have ignored my comments and suggestions but also those of many other citizens of Keremeos.

This lack of responsiveness is insulting and inappropriate from an elected official.

You have about 14 months left on your mandate. If you hope to be re-elected, you (and council) need to be much more transparent and responsive to input  from the electorate.

When can I expect to get from you answers to my questions and responses to my suggestions?

Perhaps you should consider submitting your resignation if you are unwilling or unable to respond appropriately to legitimate and detailed inquiry.

To other Review readers: If you have experienced similar treatment from Mayor Bauer or some other council member, consider expressing you feelings or concerns in a letter or e-mail  to the mayor and council. How else will they get the message that we as citizens/taxpayers/voters are unhappy with the lack of leadership on council?!

Gary Johnson, Keremeos