Nothing sinister about candidate’s motives

Reader defends candidate's issues with First Nations people's right to vote

To the Editor:

Contrary to Mr. Armstrong’s secondhand research on Angelique Wood, I have firsthand experience of working with her at the Hedley Heritage Museum Society. Ms. Wood has an acute mind that discerns the crux of an issue quickly and offers sound and do-able solutions. She is very community minded and eager to work with others as evidenced by her invitation, at the Nov. 7 Area “G” candidate’s forum in Hedley, to enroll people in three advisory groups to the RDOS. A fresh face and new energy is exactly what is needed at the RDOS table!

Regarding the fictitious M. Fourchalk’s letter, Ms. Wood has extended an offer to drive anyone to the polls on November 19; there is no exclusivity to this offer. And, First Nations people are perfectly capable of choosing their candidate independently. To state they are being used by Ms. Wood is condescending and offensive. Finally, paying taxes (or not) is irrelevant to being effected by the doings of the RDOS in Area “G.” This occurs simply by being a resident of the area – renters and owners alike.

Jennifer Douglass, Hedley