Not happy about “justice” over DUI death

Thanks to Robinson and the media for supplying the antidote setting a precedent proving once again the laws of this land stink.

To the Editor:

Thanks to the media the  conclusion of the Monty Robinson DUI  crash resulting in the death of a young man can be a valuable  learning tool for those future DUI slow learning idiots who fail to get the message.

Thanks to  Robinson and the media for supplying the antidote setting a precedent proving once again the  laws of this land stink.

The rusty scales of justice need  to be sand blasted or used as a boat anchor.

Perhaps more accurate truck scales could be the answer or shove the unbalance scales and all suits connected to a place where the sun don’t shine.

One more suggestion is get yourself a native blood brother and become part of  the great “First Nation heritage” which should raise some feathers.

Where was the oh, so caring MADD while all this B.S. was going down.

If I was only younger I would get the hell out of here as this Robinson bad cop show put the icing on the cake by failing to provide a  lawful ending due to an unbelievable sentence.

This DUI – DUD  aired in court some four years and full pay later may have more drunks driving under the influence now that Monty and the media let the cat out of the bag.

Leave the  DUI  accident scene – and “Pull Off a Monty” could be your bumper sticker.

We all know there are good and bad found in all walks of life and the police who serve and protect the public are no different until it comes down to the odd scumbag when caught red handed is put through the under handed scales manipulated and tilted by others above the law .

Good heavens – even some of the youth who participated in the Vancouver riot are serving time in jail instead of working to pay there share of damage.

The next  cop saga is waiting to happen just around the corner – wanna bet?


Tom Isherwood, Olalla