No time to stop and chat with constituents


To the Editor:

I was having a chat  with my neighbors on the sunny day of June 11, when  history unfolded right before our eyes.

A white pick up truck went by and low and behold behind the wheel was the one of a kind Area “G” Director Elef Christensen.

Direct eye contact was made with Elef  along with the universal sign language to stop and chat  but to no avail.

The sighting of an Elef ranks up there with that of Sasquatch or Ogopogo, so you can feel the disappointment as we felt when the Elef gave no kind of acknowledgement – not even the “Trudeau Salute.”

Maybe Elef hadn`t got over the jet lag from his flight back from the munch and crunch crab and lobster fest held back east as he disappeared toward the flood plain in the north end of the metropolis of Olalla.  Minutes later Elef   drove away with no eye contact which disappointed me as he never saw my finger.

Our flooded pristine valley  made the Global news which Elef perhaps became aware of – prompting him to find Olalla on the map before his hopeful out of sight -out of mind  visit went un-noticed.

Hopefully this rare sighting of an Elef doesn’t go unchallenged along with the cost of his expensive trip back east.

A full report on the Elef shenanigans has to come forth as come election time I may as well vote for the invisible Casper the Ghost .

By not giving the time of day to we who fill his grain bin – Elef once again showed his true color of imitation camouflage by adding more insult to injury that I hope  washes away when the day of  the X arrives .

I pray the rare sighting of a one of a kind nightmare become a distant memory sooner than later.

Tom Isherwood , Olalla