No time for trough feeding politicians

I agree with Marty Brown - however the word toxic is being a very kind description of the past and present parade of goofs

To the Editor:

I agree with Marty Brown – however  the word toxic is being a very kind description of the past and  present  parade of goofs that apply to all levels of government.

We don’t need  has -been disgusting political parties – we need professional people that understand that different strokes are needed for different  folks with different careers.

The  band of  Christy – Kevin – George – rich,  jack of all trades –  porko master wanabe intellects make my heart skip a beat.

I venture to say all of the above lack knowledge of such important  portfolios such as health – education – transportation and finance.

This way of doing business is absurd and their credentials should be revealed to the public before being appointed as an empty airhead.

A council  involving minds of expertise – of independent intelligent people that deserve the chance to serve with honesty – integrity and transparency within their chosen field.

Workshops  minus kindergarten antics where each have an independent voice that truly  speaks  for the people – a team where all members get a turn at bat.

A probationary period should be in place and the golden pension  and ridiculous perks should be thrown out of the piggery.

A brand new agreement  to fair and acceptable remuneration  for themselves and the employer – the people who put them there.

After reading the morning paper it appears the public will be saying bye – bye to some of the current porkies.

I sincerely hope the piggery door hits them hard in the ass – as they slide in their own on sh- – down from porko hill.


Tom Isherwood,  Olalla