No support for Harper government until attention focusses on environment

politicians become mesmerized by “schmoozing” with financially wealthy corporate representatives who promise benefits and financial gains.

To the Editor:

An open letter to Irving Gerstein, Chair, Conservative Fund Canada

Mr. Gerstein:

Your “express-gram” arrived at the same time as photo op pictures and interviews of Stephen Harper’s interviews in Columbia. Mr Harper intimated to those people assembled there that their financial investments would be considered before the Canadian people and our insistence to have safe environmental practices and procedures.Mr. Harper also snidely suggested that our environmental groups and organizations should be ignored! The nerve of the elected representative of the Canadian taxpaying public, stating publicly that the opinions of  the Canadian peoples should be ignored. I am disgusted. This is almost a treason like action against  Canadian people and their opinions.

Obviously, it must be pay back time. In my opinion, Mr. Harper’s big money backers in the oil, gas and mining conglomerates are pushing Mr. Harper to grease the skids, politically speaking, and allow corporate indiscretion to legally ignore our environmental laws and concerns.

Too many   politicians become mesmerized by “schmoozing” with financially wealthy corporate representatives who promise wonderful benefits and financial gains. Very likely there is no dignity or respect given the people who must support these greedy corporate delegates. Respect is a two-way street.  We cannot tolerate financial offers from corporate consultants who do not respect their own country and its peoples. They will find it very difficult to respect our country and environmental concerns, in their rush to make big money at the Canadian people’s expense. It goes without saying, we must develop our own resources  in order to pay our bills and serve our people’s needs. It must and can be; by using and promoting safe environmental practices and procedures.

Apparently, Mr. Harper does not endorse this. Therefore, I will not support Stephen Harper and the Conservative party at this time.

Without care of the environment we will have a poisoned, unproductive country that cannot feed its people  and animals. We will become another third world country.

Please, think this through. Good, fair, environmental legislation, that can be legally promoted and protected, is needed immediately.

Sincerely, Flo Winfrey, Olalla