No need for education in the old days

Folks keep asking me to write more history in your paper

Folks keep asking me to write more history in your paper.

We are told that formal education is a necessary part of life, but what about those who never had it?

My first wife’s family were never in school. They were brought up in the deep woods on a mountain top at “Dot” B.C., that most people never heard of.

They never knew what a school looked like. There were eight of them.

I was brought up on a prairie farm and after grade nine I quit school to run a threshing outfit. I built a windmill with a generator using poplar poles for a tower and put the first electricity in our farm house. I have flown aircraft, fired and run steam locomotives, was an automotive technician, did watch repairs and jewellery, and did all my own carpentry, including the construction of my own home with leaded glass windows.

Now, people are at me at 92 years to keep writing all this history.

Are  you never going to let me quit and have a rest?

My present wife and I are still in our own home and doing all our own housework plus a full garden to supply us with food and flowers.

After all, there is no future if we give up, is there?

I haven’t got time to die, and if I did, I wouldn’t know how I would get my grave dug.

As ever Wilf Miller, Keremeos