No free lunch

RDOS Area D-1 Official Community Plan review shouldn't include offers of a free lunch

The regional district is currently updating the Official Community Plan for Area “D-2,” which encompasses Okanagan Falls, Eastside Road, Heritage Hills, Upper Carmi and Vaseaux Lake.

As a means of encouraging citizen input, a recent RDOS press release is offering to reimburse residents for up to $30 worth of food upon the completion of a workbook that seeks to collect input from citizens regarding changes they would like to see in the OCP.

The press release encourages residents to get together with friends or family and fill out a workbook together.

The RDOS, in its press release, has put together several ways to get involved in the process, including an on – line survey, that don’t offer perks like free food.

As much as we would agree that soliciting citizen input in weighty matters like an OCP is an ideal worth pursuing, we do not think that an offer to pay for food is the right way to do it.

We are doubtful the offer will elicit any additional citizen  interest in the process. We feel it is an offer that is easily open to abuse, and ultimately represents a waste of taxpayers’ money.


It is important that people understand the OCP, what it means to future development in the area and that they be allowed input in the process. In order for that input to be valid, however, the interest must come from a genuine desire to build the community – not through an opportunity to get a free lunch.