More trash talk

To the Editor:

An open letter to W. Despot Mayor / RDOS Director, Keremeos


Just a note to refute your suggestion to resolve a Keremeos Village garbage problem. If you wish to give $100 to the Bargain Centre to offset garbage costs – so be it. Just as long as it comes out of Keremeos civic funds only While you are at it, Mayor, please give a $100 voucher to offset the garbage costs for each entrepreneurial business on Seventh Avenue who are struggling to make a living, and provide Keremeos with some economic activity.

Obviously, you are not aware that almost all product sold at the Bargain Centre is donated, and labour is supplied, free, by volunteers. They do very well, and everyone is pleased with their success. That means, at no cost to the Bargain Centre. Whereas, every business must pay labour costs, and buy their goods and services, first, before any sales are made


Keremeos can afford to give $100 to the Bargain Centre as their garbage fees are kept artificially low at $130 per year per household in 2010.

We are facing a possible fee hike close to $200 per year, per household for 2011. Quite a discrepancy  – don’t you  think?  Why? What happened to the level “paying” field? Why, Director Despot, are you against the welfare of the rural residents?  When it comes to lowering this exorbitant garbage contract, you do not support any reasonable suggestion.

Are you “the rock in the shoes” of the directors or “the holdout” to preventing the board from reaching a decision to lower the proposed contract? Do you realize that by lowering the RDOS garbage costs, the Bargain Centre will be able to manage as well.


This is a corporation contractors’ contract, not a contract with reasonable payback benefits for the suppliers of the raw material, a.k.a. garbage recyclables. Those profits will go totally to the corporation. That is a possible reason for the inflated fees.

In my opinion only – because of possible obfuscation, this matter should be settled at the Provincial level. Perhaps  a referendum, as soon as possible, to prove fair legislation, for the garbage suppliers, from the RDOS board,’

Flo Winfrey, Olalla