More questions regarding the reservoir

After reviewing the notice of meeting delivered to ratepayers some questions arise that I believe all ratepayers need answered

To the Editor:

After reviewing the notice of special meeting delivered to ratepayers this last week some questions arise that I believe all ratepayers need answered before the special meeting on July 24.

In the breakdown of project costs to each ratepayer it is stated that the additional annual cost to the average ratepayer will be approximately $10 per year.  It also states that   amount covered in current annual budget’ towards the $65,480 annual debt repayment will be $55,000.

My questions regarding the notice are:

1. Does KID have sufficient funds set aside to contribute $55,000 each of the 20 years of the loan?

2. If, yes, then what is the need for a loan?

3. If, no, then is the annual cost to ratepayers in future years more like $66+ per ratepayer per year and not the minimum $10 per year as stated in the notice?

Other questions which I have been unable to get a clear answer to and I am sure other ratepayers feel the same are:

1. Who is the authority who is requiring the reservoir at this time?

2. What alternatives and costs have been considered?

3. What will be the additional costs for chlorination when Interior Health does require it?

I am sure the board or trustees of KID will find these questions tedious, but, we the ratepayers feel   our feelings have been made clear on two previous occasions and would like to know why the proposed spending of $1.3 million at this time in this economy is being thrust at us once again, in an economy  where governments and people all over the world are being told to control costs and debt.

We ask the board of trustees to provide us with answers before the meeting so we can consider the information and vote wisely.

I would like all ratepayers to consider what the actual costs will be to them and what benefits proposed by the board of trustees will be provided to each of us for these costs.

This is what your vote is about.

The water system belongs to you.

Bob and Ardelle Hornback, Keremeos