Looking for a family after contact lost years ago

To the Editor:

I am writing to you becauase I am looking for a family with the last name of Wandenburgs (I believe  that is the correct spelling of their last name)

In 1975-76 I lived in Mexico (I am from Mexico) and my family and I met these working people from Keremeos. They are apple pickers, and every summer they would travel to the south through U.S. and far into Mexico.

Well, every year I waited avidly for them –  for one of their sons named Cory – I got to really care for him…One year on the way back to Keremeos, Joe (Pepito) the eldest son, found his father dead at the  RV park, having apparently committed suicide, and two weeks later Cory, second eldest found his brother Joe in their basement. He shot himself…and that was the last time we heard about  them.

This family was happy, they sang, played instruments – we spent Christmases together, and they were a big part of my life as a teenager….for years I have left notices, notes on boards….all over the internet and still yet have to hear from anyone…I would love to find out if they are okay….or what happened to them.

Maybe you know of this family….Cory’s mom’s name is Coby, younger brother Mark, deceased father Joe and older brother also named Joe (Pepito) and I believe they had one more son but he never did travel to Mexico for he was married.

Cory married a woman from Australia. He went back to Mexico with her around 1981-82, and that was the last my family heard from them.

My e-mail is wsky8@cox.net

Feel free to drop a note if you can help me as I continue with my search for Cory….thank you.

Lupita from Mexico, now living in Arizona