The Thomas Creek fire was likely human-caused and burned for more than a month causing dozens of evacuations and firefighter time. (Mike Biden photo)

Letter: Why is there no punishment for people who start wildfires?

Human-caused fires will continue when there is no punishment for the crime


With wildfire season quickly approaching and it appears to be the new norm as of recent years, myself and many ponder the idea of what ever happens to the people who cause or start a wildfire accidentally or intentionally?

We never hear of this information during or after the actual event.

We get preached upon by many, ideas to help avoid wildfires, ie., no burning, don’t flick cigarette butts, don’t park in tall grass to name a few.

You know, common sense, right?

If we the people never hear of the punishment for the crime, then there must not be one?

If someone was fined huge dollars, many would consider it a serious offence.

If there is no punishment for the crime, who cares if one caused or started it!

I think it’s time for the courts or whomever to better make information public,and maybe, just maybe people will pay more attention to their goings on!

From concerned outdoor enthusiast.

Brent Redenbach

Okanagan Falls

bc wildfires

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