The last Santa parade held in Penticton was 2019. (Brennan Phillips file photo)

The last Santa parade held in Penticton was 2019. (Brennan Phillips file photo)

Letter: Penticton needs a committee for Christmas cheer

City should bring back family-friendly holiday events to a community that needs it

I’m sending this plea to City Hall; A suggestion for a more inclusive and family friendly City of Penticton.

How hard would it have been to appoint a person or committee of Christmas cheer for the city?

Someone to arrange an opportunity for Chorus groups, performing arts groups and the like to bring Christmas cheer to the downtown and gyro park? When was the last time we heard Christmas carols sung on a corner in Penticton? These family fun and heartwarming scenes have been missing from Penticton for far too long. This is the kind of Penticton I remember growing up in during the 60s and 70s. Church choirs , hot chocolate stands and street performers combined with food and clothing drives for the less fortunate.

Our city and council couldn’t even find it in their hearts to allow a Santa Claus parade. This needs to change, and the only way it will change is if the city is shown why Penticton needs these family and community events. Partner with the downtown business association to accomplish something wonderful. Penticton has been growing apart instead of together as a community should. My Christmas wish is for the city of Penticton to find their hearts instead of excuses. Merry Christmas to all!

Bill Biagioni


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