LETTER: Don’t forget about paramedics who are spat on, abused, yet continue to save lives

Many emergency calls to Penticton shelters by police and fire, but paramedics go there too


I just wanted to inform you that in your article on Victory Church, as you discussed that emergency services have been involved multiple times, you mentioned police and fire and failed to mention paramedics.

Paramedics are very often called to these shelters and have to deal with unimaginable calls, being spat on and swore at, having to bring people back from overdose just to pick them up again later that day.

Being a paramedic is a draining job in this day and age. Constantly going to these calls takes a great toll on one’s mental health, but they continue to do it to save lives. Paramedics do amazing work in our community, for these people in the shelters, and maybe even one day someone you love may need an ambulance. Please don’t let their services go unnoticed in your articles.

Faith Steele,