Legal gun owners treated like criminals


To the Editor:

Over the last twenty years or so I have observed a trend of intolerant behavior towards a group of people and it saddens me. This group of people are living good lives practicing their customs that harm no one, but they tell me tales of being on the receiving end of “intolerance”. Once they felt the freedom to engage in their “different” ways but over the years some, who don’t understand them or their ways, are causing them to “hide” when practicing these “different” ways.

I am told that people, who have never been in any trouble with the law, have become “fearful” whenever they see police cars in their neighborhood because someone may have “turned them in”.  They have done nothing wrong but just the image of the police in your house makes the wrong impression on the neighbors. Their names are put on lists and are kept even if there is no proof of wrong doing. They are often misunderstood and suspected because they belong to this group. Once they proudly displayed their “treasures” for all to see but now hide them from sight so as not to attract attention.

No longer can they enjoy customs developed over the centuries like their forefathers did all because of the “intolerance”.

Who are these people you ask?

—- Canadian gun owners.


Chris Gilmore, Logan Lake, B.C.