Landlord questions where responsibility lies

Follow up to story on tenants who trashed house in Keremeos

To the Editor.

First off, I’d like to thank you for your article on our misfortune in the Oct. 20 issue of your paper. (House of Horrors)

There seems to be a problem with our system. No one wants to take any responsibility for this destruction of our home.  Police unable to prosecute due to not enough evidence of intention, the Oliver ministries who pays for their rent say, “ it is not their problem and are unable to do anything about this destruction of the house either” and then the insurance company doesn’t want to cover the tenants’ actions as well.

We have found out by people living around our home that on many occasions they have seen this family openly fighting and brawling outside, which has caused the police to be involved. One of the residence claimed that the police had difficulty walking through the house due to the hording by this family.

This has brought up many conversations, as to how can people live in this kind of condition. Should they not be supervised by the ministries which pays their rent, especially, when children, live in that home. Everyone in this family and their so called extended family members suffer from some form of illness or disabilities.

Where are their special needs workers or their social workers? Why isn’t the apparent violence at the home a consideration for their workers to come in and investigate who might be at harm and explanations, behind walls being kicked in and maybe this person who may have violent anger management issues be removed for the protection of all others living in that home.

Thoughts to ponder -to live supervised or unsupervised?

1) When doors and or walls kicked in?

No, many people without illnesses treat their living accommodations in the same manor and fashion.

2) When glass doors and or windows are broken?

No, same answer as question 1.

3) When residence is extremely dirty, floors, carpets, walls, bathrooms?

No, due to the fact that everyone has different standards to cleanliness.

But yes, due to standards for health issues, the attractions for infestation of bugs and rodents along with respiratory disorders due to living in an unclean environment.

4)  When the stove and fridge are filthy with spoiling food just rotting?

Same answer to question three.

But yes, when the stove drawer was filled with garbage and lighters.

5) When smoke and Co2 detectors removed from being hard wired in?

But yes, due to not having a first hand alert system in place for a life and death situation.

6) When the thermostat which controls the heating system of the house was disconnected so there is no heat in the house?

But yes, a house should be heated for comfortable living especially when there are children in the home.

7) When electrical plug-ins, are broken and are burned?

No, but they should be fixed immediately.

But yes, again another fire risk and questions arise to how this could happen when all were brand new at the time of the tenants renting the home.

8) When hoarding becomes a problem?

No, same answer as question three.

But yes, still another fire trap and again infestation of bugs and mice. For all those that live there, especially the children.

So it is my belief that this family should be supervised, if only for the children’s safety and well being. This belief is stemmed from finding mice droppings all over the house as well as in their dresser drawers. And since it is well known that mice bring devastating diseases as well as filthy living conditions, I stand strong on my opinion.

Their seems to be quite a lot of protection for the tenant, in this case, but not so much for the land lord. We were all sorry for this family when they were down and out the community went out of their way to assist. Name calling and defaming the former land lord was the tactic before. And I truly believe that the former land lord has been wrongly accused.

A video of the damage can be viewed under Keremeos landlords on You Tube.


Lynn M Titanich, Hedley