Issue taken with candidate’s interview comments

To the Editor:

In response to Stephen Hill:

I read with concern the interview with the Conservative candidate, Stephen Hill. Not only was Mr. Hill’s tone cocky and condescending  but what’s with the Bill Clinton quote about being stupid not once, but twice.  For a candidate who is asking the constituents of this part of the riding to vote for him Mr. Hill displays a shocking ignorance of some of the economic issues that face us here. Did you not notice, Mr. Hill, that the primary industry in this area is agriculture? We don’t have a smelter, a saw mill or a mine in the middle of this town. Your comments on genetically modified organisms are a real worry. In case you’re unaware of it there’s a pretty major difference between selectively breeding for certain traits and characteristics in plants and animals and the insertion of genetic material from a cod- fish into a tomato. No, we haven’t been doing that for the last 100 years. Alex’s bill didn’t only address seeds either, do you have any idea what kind of impact the introduction of a genetically modified non-browning apple would have on the organic farming community in this region? I’d venture a guess that between 1/3 to 1/2 of the orchards in this area are organic, so in this part of the riding that is an economic issue, sir.

As for the other ignorant comments Mr. Hill made, like the comments made about the Shanker’s Bench Dam (oopsy, get to know the riding Stephen), well, I’m sure there are other members of the community better qualified than me to speak to that issue.

In closing I’d just like to say, bone up buster and come on down, to the all candidate’s meeting is on the 20th. There are plenty more questions we’d like to ask. And by the way, contrary to your suggestion farmers aren’t stupid.

Andrea Turner, Keremeos