Hold all Stanley Cup rioters accountable


To the Editor:

There are no excuses for the Vancouver Stanley Cup senseless riots despite the joke playing of overpaid Canucks like Luongo, Sedins, etc.

In the aftermath, we need to identify those who committed the crimes and give out tough jail time in this hideous act of “domestic terrorism”.

I applaud the construction company manager who, fired his youthful carpenter for posting juvenile comments about the riot. At the same time, one identified rioter is Maple Ridge’s Nathan Kotylak, a 17 year old son of an affluent family: a doctor and nurse. This water polo rising star, was given a partial scholarship at the University of Calgary.

He should be stripped of his scholarship, face lifetime suspension from Team Canada’s Water Polo and jail time for his arson attempt on a VPD police (many witnesses and video taped evidence) car which also possibly incited others to torch it and worse.

While he publically apologized, Nathan should be tried as an adult. This young man – and others – should not get off with “slapped wrists: probation, suspended or “conditional sentences” because his attempted arson failed.

He clearly and boldly instigated others and wilfully acted in a criminal manner. This Maple Ridge youth should be charged with “attempted arson”, etc. no matter how it ruins his life even after a lame apology.

Give him two years in jail, $50k fine, three years probation and 500 hours community work. “Caught up in the moment”, is a sick excuse as maybe Paul Bernardo or a rapist  “were caught up in the moment, too” – nail this youth and vehemently pursue others including overly aggressive VPD cops who wailed on a prone subdued suspect that was also caught on tape – of course the cops “were caught up in the moment too – their defense too”. The premier’s promise to prosecute “to the full extent of the law” will lack credibility if we inept judges give out light sentences and these horrific crimes will happen again. Look at the black eye image the many lowlifes created for Vancouver -thank you for your sportmanship and class! Then again, we seemingly have out-of-sync gutless judges, crown counsel and shameless lawyers in our costly dysfunctional justice system – do not hold your breath.

Finally, nobody should threaten a suspect’s family and those online should know better despite their anger. Give physical evidence and witness statements to the cops in hope justice will prevail and the prosecutors should see if there is a previous history in every case file and if so, let the parents face negligence charges and stiff penalties…..This is not a cry for a witch hunt, it is a hue and cry for people to assist in the lawful prosecution of society’s undesirables and hold them accountable no matter their status.

N. S. MacGillivray, Vancouver