Harper not responsible for Canada’s economic stability

To the Editor:

Thanks to instant global media, Harper has distinguished himself as an international political embarrassment.

His obsession with power has started a fundamental shift away from democratic governments, and his increasingly erratic behavior should be of considerable concern to voters:

Despite being on national television for all to see, Harper is still denying that it was because he was found in contempt of Parliament that we are having this election.

The government was not defeated on the budget –the budget was never voted on!

His strategy is obviously that as long as he refuses to acknowledge that fact, expresses no apologies or sense of regret, he will get away with it.

His callous handling of Conservative MP Helena Guergis was based on nothing but allegations, and when another Conservative MP Bev Oda was caught lying, Harper went into denial again, and insisted she had done nothing wrong.

Harper is also telling us that if he does not get a majority government our economy will go down the tube.

The good news is that that the foundation for our economy was established long before Harper became Prime Minister and that is why we will still have a strong economy long after Harper is gone.

The credit for staying the course through one of the toughest financial and economic challenges goes to former finance Minister Paul Martin, a secure banking system, and a very robust resource sector.

Harper is holding a gun to our heads insisting minority governments are a thing of the past and that if he does not get a majority government the universe as we know it will cease to exist.

Well – I don’t scare that easy, and I will not be voting for Harper.

Andy Thomsen, Summerland