Government need not look far for savings

Harper needs to stop attacks on seniors retirement income

To the Editor:

An open letter to “no heart Harper:”

When is enough, enough. The government wants to raise  the age of retirement at which to collect old age pension. I think it is not only obscene, but criminal.

You are talking about taking more from people that have already paid their fair share of taxes before we were even born.

If the government needs more of our money to waste, it is time they looked internally to find savings, not from our seniors.

To start with, here are a couple of suggestions.

1. All federal and provincial employees take a 30 per cent pay cut. All managers take a 40 per cent cut. They would still make more than the private sector.

2. No more severance packages for overpaid CEO’s, managers.

3. No retirement packages to politicians beyond what is provided for nurses, police, firemen or the Prime Minister, for that matter.

I think it’s time we make our politicians pay for their bad decisions. I see no difference between a guy going into a bank and stealing $2,000 dollars and  a politician starting some program like our gun registry.

They spent over two billion dollars and it didn’t work. We were told when they started that it would cost eight million dollars.

Where did all the money go? Two billion minus eight million leaves one billion nine hundred and 92 million.

Where did it go?

I think a public inquiry is warranted, and those who wasted should do 10 – 15 years in jail.

5. As a supplier to ICBC, for the last eight years ICBC says they can’t afford to pay more, so we have had zero raises, even though costs are up to do our job – gas, hydro, shipping is all up, and we make less.

ICBC managers last year gave themselves a 30 per cent raise. That is not fair! It is time for the government to look inwards to save money.

Not at our seniors.

Pat Sanderson , Cawston