Expanding public transit creates opportunities should be good news for Similkameen residents.

Last week’s announcement by the Thompson Okanagan Tourist Association


Last week’s announcement by the Thompson Okanagan Tourist Association regarding the establishment of a four times daily shuttle service running from Osoyoos to the Kelowna airportImprovements to the Similkameen’s Handy Dart service is planned as proposals  presented during the Transit Future bus’s stop in Keremeos late last month called for the service to run daily Monday to Friday, up from the current three times per week.

This should provide valley residents with a workable alternative to driving in order to access health care or travel opportunities in Kelowna and Penticton.

We see an opportunity for business in the Okanagan by providing parking facilities for those in the Similkameen who might want to access the Okanagan shuttle through the use of their own vehicle.

For example, Keremeos residents wishing to go on a holiday departing from either Penticton or Kelowna airport might find it more convenient – and cheaper – to drive to Penticton or Osoyoos, access the shuttle service and use it to get to the airport, avoiding the congestive nature of Kelowna traffic and the expense of daily parking fees at the airport.

What’s needed is a convenient, secure parking lot that provides easy access to the shuttle service in either Penticton or Osoyoos.

Cost for a ride on the shuttle from Osoyoos to Kelowna is $45. When one compares that with the cost  and hassle of driving, as well as the cost of parking at the airport, the service seems to us to be reasonably priced. We’re hopeful that many residents of the Similkameen will find the service useful, because strong ridership will likely be the biggest factor in furthering the rapid expansion of public transit in both valleys.