Educational opportunities should exist for all

This is Education Week. Let us praise our children and their teachers. Let us all get educated.


To the Editor:

The announcement in the Mar.22 edition of the Review has encouraged this letter. We are going to celebrate an education week, sponsored by this paper. Very timely, indeed. It is a good time to encourage the children’s talents and the teachers in their “extra-cirricular” efforts that promote these accomplishments. Good students become good citizens. Many thanks to good teachers and supporting parents.

Unfortunately, our paternalist dictatorial, narrow visioned provincial government is trying to strong arm out teachers into submission. Teachers won’t give an inch. We have an impasse. Neither faction is really considering how this is affecting the educational needs of the children, in particular, and the public, as a whole. There must be give and take. Sometimes it is the strongest who gives in.

Here, in Keremeos, we are losing our WorkZone offices. True, not everyone uses this facility. Those folks who are seeking work, or help to qualify for jobs, need this assistance to further their search for a position in life. It is an educational resource for career counselling. Employers also use this office to locate workers. Is the YMCA going to employ this knowledgeable staff, who know the area and its needs?

Our Keremeos Learning Centre is suffering funding cuts as well. This facility is well used by the high school students also. It is an educational centre for all age groups and nationalities.

Many of our senior citizens are under threat of losing the privilege of having a drivers license. A very wily psychologist has developed “The Drive Able” computerized drivers test, targeting the senior driving public. Why was this discriminatory move not announced, by mail, to every B.C. driver? What can we do about it, you ask? Simple. Education. Of course, the best teacher would be the computer, to learn good eye-hand coordination, prior to taking your driver’s test. Also, a lesson from a driving instructor would help. “Drive Able” should be inflicted on all drivers, not just senior citizens.

Education is a necessity for all age groups. There should be no cutbacks affecting education. Our marvelous MLA John Slater seems to have been, “absent without leave.” Playing golf – somewhere? Oh, well, he has never been really interested or interesting either.

In my opinion, it is time to make some political changes. Provincially, we are supposed to be in a financial deficit. Premier Clark has ordered a deep audit of Trans Link. Perhaps, Premier Clark should order a “deep forensic audit” of this and the Campbell Liberal governments. We are confused by enigma and obfuscation. Why stifle education and enterprise? Why continue to take from the public with the carbon tax and the HST? Both of these negatively affect the public and education. We are being nickeled and dimed to death. Such a rich and wealthy province – and we are broke – how come?

This is Education Week. Let us praise our children and their teachers. Let us all get educated.

Flo Winfrey, Olalla