Dialog continues between Olalla residents

The arena of our joust has been chosen by the category of our ordnances

To the Editor:

Hello Tom

Thank you so much for responding to my invitation to dialog. Your reply reinforces my belief that we who have lost the energy to perform the physical necessities of maintaining our communities still have a contribution that can lighten the burden of that task. We seem to have been chosen to perform the pantomime of the struggle for understanding the reason for existence. I am compelled to exclaim wow and with timid humility how?

The arena of our joust has been chosen by the category of our ordnances.  Its portals are engraved with an agenda that is; freedom of expression; its title Letters to the Editor. Our colors should be blue or yellow for when they mix they become the promised renewal in spring.

Our steeds will be the foundation of our moral principles. The thrust of our lance we be the English language, our armor will be the forgiveness of the assembled spectators that will only attend if their intellect is challenge to judge the value of the joust

You and I are old warriors that have learned to respect and honor our rivals; we can battle and spare no mercy but still respect the concepts that we challenge. This is the capacity that we should encourage and foster in our descendants for they need to protect the genetic pool of our predatory species. Our self-destruct process has begun and we don’t know how many chimes there are in the last chapter. So let them be loud proud and happy.

There is no error in the bricks you have forged they are well constructed and include fine principles, but the mortar that holds them together is weak for it lacks the vital element of forgiveness that allows other bricks from different forges to be part of your castle. You have not swallowed the bitter pill of recognizing and forgiving your own mistakes. Only that medicine can cure your hardnosed blame and unreasonable judgment of the fine people that are thrust to the top of our society and try to accommodate our independent conflicting agendas. They are my friends they are human, they will make mistakes. But still meet the impediments that foil their agenda to serve us with courage and cleverness. Can you modify your mortar with a little forgiveness so the fine bricks they promised; now chipped and scarred with reality, can fit in your castle and will you build it to protect and encourage all your family? Who no longer look or sound the same for they have sat at the table outnumbered and frustrated by the agenda they did not write.

Got to go – the manager of the arena promised only 300 words and I’m over the top. I’ll leave with a quote from Joe nobody’s unfinished book:

“If one keeps communicating something accidentally worthwhile is bound to slip out.”

Bye for now, Joe Littlefield, Olalla


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