Concern over municipal candidates prompts reader to voice concerns

Voters need to research and understand who is on the ballot

To the Editor:

As a resident of Hedley, I am concerned that the community is not aware of whom some of the “new” candidates really are and what their past history is in the area. It scares me to think that the “tag team of mother and son” who are running, ( mother for Area “G” director) and son Frank for councillor in Keremeos would get any votes at all.

I have done my homework and found that there is a history of them not getting along with others, how would they be able to represent the community and area when they are so difficult to deal with.

I know that some believe that a change is needed, why?  But in this case it would be a disaster. We must vote on November 19 but please be careful and check the facts first. We need “stable and reliable” representatives to work for us.

M. Fourchalk, Hedley