Competitive business is increasing customer base

Keremeos’ Seventh Avenue businesses are beginning their summer business practices, with extended hours and days of operation

Keremeos’ Seventh Avenue businesses are, for the most part, beginning their summer business practices, with extended hours and days of operation.

With the opening of several new storefronts on Seventh Avenue, there has been some dissension amongst some of the village’s businessmen, expressing fears that there may be too many businesses pursuing a similar market niche in the community, that being food service.


Granted, there certainly are a vastly increased number of places to eat on Seventh Avenue, that weren’t here a couple of years ago.

Is this a bad thing?


It probably isn’t from a consumer’s point of view. One can’t help but notice the increase in pedestrian traffic in the downtown core, and the increasing number of vehicles parked along Seventh, throughout the day.


That says to us there is increasing business in the downtown core. We think one of the main reasons behind that fact is because of the food service variety that is now available in Keremeos.

Just as food courts in malls generate traffic by hosting a variety of choices for the consumer, the Seventh Avenue  business block is becoming a draw for tourists, residents, business and trades people alike because they now know there is a choice in food service offerings in the community. In short, we believe increased competition has increased traffic, exposing all businesses to a new and growing customer base.


Some businesses appear to have recognized this opportunity, expanding their menus and looking for new foods to offer to further grow their business.

Offering variety, quality and a competitive price, we believe, will be the key to seeing this revitalization continue, as opposed to trying to limit growth and competition. Let the marketplace decide.


It’s our opinion there is lots of room for growth in the village – and lots of customers out there that local business hasn’t reached yet.