COLUMN: Time for a summer road trip

Whether the trip is spur of the moment or planned and anticipated, it is all about the journey

The destination is decided, the car is cleaned and packed, our favourite food is in the cooler – my husband and I are ready to go.

As we enter the Starbucks drive-thru with morning coffee anticipation, the excitement begins to seep out. We are going on a road trip, the best kind of trip…in my opinion.

Deciding to go on the trip really can be half the fun. People talk about places they have been, and you think, I would like to see that one day, or you dream of beautiful landscapes, perfect for a long, slow drive.

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There are often family or friends waiting with open arms for your arrival, or magnificent places to explore.

There are eclectic places to eat, sights to take in or wilderness to traverse.

Whether the trip is spur of the moment or one that is well thought out, planned and anticipated, it is all about the journey.

Whatever you have planned join us at the library before you leave as we have many books to help out if you are so inclined.

Road Trips: A Guide to Travel, Adventure and Choosing your own Path by Jen C.K. Jacobs would be a great one to sneak a peek at, or Pacific Coast Highway: Road Trip by Victoriah Arsenian might offer some great plans to look forward to in the future.

Whether the trip is short or long it essentially equals time, down time to be exact, and that is so often what we miss in the busy day to day grind that is life. Now this seemingly endless and drawn-out time may seem ominous or tiring for some, but with a bit of creativity this time can be well used.

For some quiet time, meditation or reflection can help turn the brain off.

Or the exact opposite could be a lively sing-along, even more fun if the whole family is together. For new ideas on car games, try the e-book, 52 Fun Things to Do in the Car by Lynn Gordon, which will get you prepped and ready for your next excursion.

My sister and I spend all our time listening to audio books, music, even some language lessons from time to time.

With your library membership you have access to all these amazing things.

Check out our website and browse the many e-resources, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Try downloading a new e-audio book or peruse the Rosetta Stone Language Learning, what a way to broaden your horizons. Whatever brings a smile to your face while travelling along, make sure you do extra of that.

Slow down, take it all in and try something new, it is a great big, beautiful world out there waiting for you to experience it.

Carly Tanasichuk is an assistant community librarian at the Summerland branch of the Okanagan Regional Library.

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