Coffee and chat with MP

Today, a group of Olalla neighbours held a “Coffee and Chat” event with our present MP Alex Atamanenko .

To the Editor:

Today, a group of neighbours held a “Coffee and Chat” event with our present MP Alex Atamanenko .

It was a friendly gathering. The neighbours were representatives of other political groups. Mr. Atamanenko, currently serving on the standing committee for agriculture and agri-food, was alble to answer questons on G.M.O. seeds, plants, and tree fruit varieties; particularly, the new apple variety. This variety, developed locally by genetic modification, does not turn brown when cut.

Presently accepted for public use and for sale also on the market, are genetically modified corn, soy and sugar beet seeds. The genetic modification by alfalfa, by Monsanto, is being vigourously fought. Many people do not appreciate or want G.M.O. products. It is wise to be aware of these changing items.

Apparent geo-engineering to cause weather modification was suggested by one  neighbour. He felt that these white streaks that appear suddenly in a bright, blue sky, on a beautiful and sunny day, were “chem trails” and were showering us with heavy metals such as aluminum. The discussion that followed questioned the possibility of this strange activity, which may be the cause of the acidification of the sea and land. We are seeing a mass die-off of sea creatures on the B.C. coast. Of course, Monsanto is forecasting the development of aluminum resisitant seeeds and plants. Again, all of these potentially dangerous event s take place without input or permission from the public.

We discussed how free trade did not benefit our farmers, but it certainly helps farmers in other countries. Many producers are subsidized in other countries. Because Canada has free  trade agreements with those countries, their subsidized  products appear for sale in our stores and in the open market at a cheaper price than our products. Our farmers and manufacturers find it financially difficult to compete.

This little meeting allowed our small group of constituents to meet with our federal minister of Parliament in a wonderful environment, enjoying good, common-sense conversation of ideas and information. A wonderful experience for all. Try it – you might like it!

Flo Winfrey, Olalla