Clarks foreign jobs program squandering Canadian jobs

BC’s mining job’s being given to “Temporary Foreign Workers” is heating up

To the Editor:

BC’s mining job’s being given to “Temporary Foreign Workers” is heating up. In Tumbler Ridge, Chinese owned HD Mining has received permission to import 200 temporary underground coal miners, for their Murray Creek mine.

And that’s just the first wave – other Chinese mining companies want to import over 2,000 Chinese miners to BC’s North for copper, gold, coal, etc.

The fix is in!  Apparently three hundred fifty  Canadians applied for these jobs at HD Mining and not one qualified. One of the qualifiers is that you have to speak Mandarin.

Jim Sinclair of the BC Fed of Labour revealed that HD Mining does not have to hire a Canadian worker for 4.5 years and that “temporary worker” can be 14  and a half years.

What economic gov’t. genius dreamt this up?…..Chinese owned HD Mines makes profits with cheap imported labour to mine and ship our resources to China to make steel; The Chinese miners send their wages back home to China;  China makes the steel with their jobs and sells the steel back to us. The money is not recycling spinoffs in our economy but is mostly going to China’s benefit as we are subsidizing them for the privilege of being their customer.

Christy Clark is on the radio telling us how wonderful her  six million dollar advertised Jobs Program is, while you stand in the unemployment line looking like a Dr. Seuss character.

United Steel Workers tried really hard to find out who owned HD Mining, with the help of a PhD Beijing Univ. researcher, assisted by experts in China.

“Huiyong Holdings BC Ltd.” holds 55 per cent of HD Mining. But who owns “Huiyong” is a mystery and it appears to be a Chinese state owned shell company.

Then 40 per cent of HD Mining is owned by “Canadian Dehua” which is owned by Chinese state-owned corporations.

Not surprisingly, Elections BC shows the BC Liberals rec’d donations of $20,810 in 2011 and 2012, from “Canadian Dehua International Mines Group Inc.”

Now surely Christy Clark and gang wouldn’t sell us down the greasy mine shaft for such a paltry sum, there has to be more to it.

In my opinion, our governments are misleading and selling us out in the dumbest way possible and our MLA’s and MP’s owe us some big explanations.

Roland Seguin, Langley