Chief and Council Salaries Now Online!

CTF began big push for disclosure of salary and band financial statements back in 2009


CTF began big push for disclosure of salary and band financial statements back in 2009

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) expressed jubilation today as the salaries of aboriginal chiefs and councillors, and annual band financial statements, started to be posted on the federal government’s website. The CTF began calling for such disclosure back in late 2009.

“When we first called for the disclosure of chief and council pay information back in 2009 a lot of people told us Ottawa wouldn’t touch the matter,” said CTF Prairie Director Colin Craig. “But we mobilized people on and off reserve to tell Ottawa to make legislative changes so that the government could start posting the details publicly. Kudos to the Harper government for listening.”

Placing the material online is important as it allows people on reserves to look at the material anonymously. Sadly, the CTF has heard from too many grassroots band members who have been bullied for daring to ask their leadership about financial matters. In one case a man from Quebec described receiving a death threat for speaking out and being a “troublemaker.” Others told the CTF they were simply refused the info or told it was confidential.

“It’s a sad fact of life that many aboriginal people have been bullied or harassed in the past merely for asking for this basic information,” added Craig. “Disclosure will also help the many good chiefs and councilors out there who are straight up representatives and genuinely trying to help their people.”

Band members and anyone else with an internet connection can check the following link over the coming weeks as the federal government scans and posts more and more band salary details and financial statements –

A sample of a band with information already posted can be seen here –