Bylaws not wanted in Area “B”

To the Editor:

Re: Support to Deanna Munchie’s letter

Does the RDOS do what we, the taxpayers want to do, or do we have to do what the RDOS wants?

A meeting held on February 4 indicated that a majority was not in favour of an OCP in Area “B”. Now another says she did not see a 60 per cent majority wanting this but even if there was should not a 2-1 “no” have precedence?

After reading all the responses (on the RDOS website) to the survey, so many referenced not wanting rules / regulations, liked things the way they are and do not want to be told by someone in another area telling them what to do. Well, guess what people… if you have an OCP you will be told. With all the ALR in this area an OCP seems most unnecessary. This is just another money grab by the RDOS for permits, etc. and  a way to give them control over your lives and property.

Alycec Coggan, Cawston