Be selective when choosing your candidate

We are about to elect a new slate of representatives into our B.C. Legislature

To the Editor:

We are about to elect a new slate of representatives into our B.C. Legislature. Please note, that did not refer to this group of people as the government. We are supposed to be living in a “democracy.” As such, We, the people, who are the electorate, are the government, and those representatives that we elect are to be the voices for us, so that we have a “government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

“How can this be achieved?” you ask. Well, at the “All Candidates” meetings, it is your opportunity to interview these candidates for these positions, as our representatives.

Remember, these representatives will be well paid for their work. So be selective.

Search for a candidate who can separate from party politics, in order to take care of the concerns of those people who elected that candidate. Follow up after the election, to check up, that your candidate is committed to his well paid position of trust.

Remember, we, the people, are the government. The representatives we elected and are called the government, and are answerable to those who elected them. Therefore, those who are sitting as the government, are our employees; and should be encouraged to behave in an appropriate manner, of mutual respect.

This is an interesting concept, and should work! Perhaps we could try it!

Sincerely, Flo Winfrey, Olalla