B.C. liberals gross negligence and the truth about smart meters

As proponents of the smart meter program continue to recite BC Hydro’s misinformation a little research is all that is needed

To the Editor:

As proponents of the smart meter program continue to recite BC Hydro’s deceptive mis-information and half truths, a little research is all that is needed to dispel their supposed “facts” as nonsense.  In terms of electromagnetic fields and potential health issues related to constant exposure to smart meters 24/7. BC Liberals and BC Hydro are grossly negligent in saying the meters (and the smart grid) are safe.  For decades, independent studies have shown unequivocally that EMFs damage DNA at levels well below the current standards, which are woefully inadequate in Canada  Independent environmental and electromagnetic fields consultants have found that smart meters pulse far more often and the peak pulses are far greater in intensity than the “average pulse” Hydro owns up to. As Curtis Bennett, a radio frequency engineer with over 30 years experience, warns, the electrosmog from a plague of wireless smart meter routers has been left out of engineering designs, regulations and discussion.  One smart meter router is capable of talking to 4,000 smart meters and they did not even test the routers under full load. They left out the frequencies of people, they left out the routers – it’s illegal.  Health Canada is supposed to use weight of evidence yethas dismissed peer-reviewed science.  Christy Clark and Rich Coleman had better be paying attention because reckless endangerment is criminal, not civil. Stupidity and greed will not absolve them.

Political arrogance and indifference is becoming an epidemic where elected officials abuse their powers and openly betray their citizens.  The smart meter deal was done behind the scenes, without public consultation and without review by the BC Utilities Commission.  The public deserves to know the true cost of this undemocratic, dangerous program.  This issue involves personal health, privacy, data security, over-billing, fire safety, job loss and waste of taxpayers money. Hacking expert, Dr. David Chalk, says “Unless we wake up and realize what we’re doing, there is 100 per cent certainty of total catastrophic failure of the entire power infrastructure within three years”.  BC Liberals and BC Hydro have made a grave mistake and whether they know it yet or not, they soon will.

Diana Gostling, North Vancouver