Action plan forum deals with ag workers’ issues

On behalf of all the migrant workers who come through the federal program between Mexico and Canada, I want to thank the Lower Similkameen

To the Editor:

Dear community friends, once again we are coming to the end of a wonderful season, considering all the weather changes that we experience.

On behalf of all the migrant workers who come through the federal program between Mexico and Canada, I want to thank this wonderful community for your incredible support during our stay here in the Cawston and Keremeos areas.

Many of us have taken advantage of the free English classes at the irrigation district building in Cawston and at the Elim Tabernacle church on top of the hill in Keremeos.

Classes given by caring and loving people who went out of their way to always have the time, the lessons and the fellowship ready for us.

We are very thankful for the many times that activities such as barbeques, soccer games, church services, and other very meaningful events were organized for us. We totally enjoyed these events after a long day at work, picking,  pruning, thinning or packing etc…

We will go back home now, overwhelmed by this support from the community and sincerely hope to return next year.

We were able to meet so many wonderful people who picked us up for some event, others who cooked wonderful meals for us and others who just came to have fellowship with us.

I, Sandy Diaz-Hart want to sincerely thank all those who donated suitcases, clothing, shoes and boots, heaters and many other things that the workers needed. Even though it seemed to be a better season than last, there still are many areas where  improvements are needed,  not only for the worker but for the farmer also.

That is why the Penticton Area Women Center is setting up a day on November 21, to have a forum to talk about issues affecting the agricultural industry.

You are invited to participate by filling out the survey, whether you are a community person interested in this issue or a farmer who owns or works in an  orchard, farm etc.Most workers have already filled their forms: you can find blank forms at the information centre in Keremeos.

We encourage you to participate by filling the forms and by attending the forum. It will be an all day affair in Oliver at the Elks club.

Once again, we thank you for your time, your large or small donation, food etc… It would be a long list if I was to name all the people who in one way or another participated in the worthwhile Latino ministry, but you know who you are.

Sincerely thanks to you all.


Sandy Diaz-Hart, Keremeos