Why is local government avoiding the issue?

  • Feb. 22, 2011 1:00 p.m.

To the Editor:

Subject: waste water treatment plant on top of Twin Lake aquifer

Last week, it was revealed that Cancun’s water table, and subsequent aquifer has been discovered to contain pharmaceutical drugs, illegal drugs,  golf course pesticides and herbicides and fertilizers. While that really should come as no surprise, it is surprising that the RDOS and the province are entertaining the idea of putting a waste water treatment plant on top of the South Okanagan Twin Lake Golf Course,  which is on top of the Twin Lake aquifer.   The same pharmaceuticals,  fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are filtering their way down to  contaminate  the aquifer.  Mexico is a third world country with a  largely impoverished illiterate population and does not have a Water  Sustainability Act.  We aren’t Mexico, and we have a  provincial water  act which  proclaims to “have the proprietary rights to ensure the  protection and sustainable use of water…”  Why on earth wouldn’t the  RDOS or the provincial government stop such a stupid proposal?  Their  mandates are to protect the citizens and the water. Maybe, we’re  kidding ourselves.  We are no different from third world countries.   Here, as in Mexico, big money developers are the governing forces.

Lesley Armstrong, Twin Lakes