Vandal and volunteer should unite

This year with help of supporters in Hedley we will try to find a public route joining Hedley with Keremeos

  • Aug. 13, 2013 7:00 p.m.

To the Editor:

The folks of Keremeos are quietly excited by evidence that the years of appeals, requests and plans are finally being justified. Apologies to the work crew; harassed by vandals and insults of malcontents that are an ever present feature of all communities. We have identified the vandals but the photo was not clear enough to offer as evidence and we’re not sure that accusations and aggression will bring harmony, so we’ll exercise the power of the blind eye knowing; what goes around comes around. We request trail users to please take a picture  and e-mail them to:

Similkameen trails mission is to develop a continuous trail, free from highway dangers through the Similkameen. A recreation corridor for the people and visitors to our valley. A survey and inventory of the old Hedley road was completed and lodged with the district in 2012.

This year with help of supporters in Hedley we will try to find a public route joining Hedley with Keremeos without infringing on private property.

That challenge could be more easily accomplished if we could harness an energy and passion equal to that of our young resident vandal. Who thought that outsiders from the district were interfering with our community and families? The reality is, Community Services of the regional district were requested by our community to do this work, so vandalizing their work is vandalizing your family and I don’t think you intended to give your mum a black eye.

You and I have things in common we both would like to see some things change, maybe if we were to get together, your youthful energy, my old experience with our shared passion could actually make change happen. I’m just nobody. I have no authority and not much time left, you choose to creep around in the shadows damaging public property out of frustration; together we could make you a proud champion of change in your community. My name is Joe and my number is 2383; the ball is in your court.

Thanks,  Joe Littlefield, Olalla